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Frustrated by to-do lists, unanswered follow-ups, and just getting a process done because someone said, “do it like this”, I felt like I was checking all the boxes, but had was nothing to show for it – except for another checked box.

My name is Dr. Stevie Dawn Blakely; yep Doctor – which generally means that I should have the answer.  With corporate training, entrepreneurial coaching, professional speaking, and art collecting; along with a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a doctorate in Leadership – being able to manage a couple of to-do lists should have been a cakewalk.

But it wasn’t.

After almost getting to the breaking point, I had an epiphany… What if I did the work that mattered most? The kind of work that would pay off. I developed a system that delivered a high-return on smart productivity – a system I call the Shark Method.

Today, I travel the world as a keynote speaker and high-performance productivity pro who works with others to stop wasting time and start breaking records.





You’re gonna get everything done on that to-do list today because at the somewhere in there is a whale of a sale….

Right??? Uh… Nope.

Stop hunting for deals in the rubble on your desk. Become the high-performance predator who turns every day into a profitable one with Dr. Stevie Dawn’s SHARK Method.


I don’t belong here.
I am never gonna be good enough.
I have hit a plateau and will never reach my goals.

Sound familiar?I have been there, done that, and got a few t-shirts along the way. No matter how many self help books you read or how many inspiring podcasts you listen to, the truth is that the negative committee in your head is feeding you bullsh*t.

It is time to tell them to sit down and shut up.

After being a successful over-achiever her whole life, Dr. Stevie Dawn hit a ceiling that she just couldn’t break through. The problem wasn’t in skills or tools. She had to get out of her own damn way. 

That is where Be The Shark was born. Dr. Stevie Dawn was able to not only breakthrough but break in to multiple six figure businesses and become a speaker on large stages.

Isn’t it time, you stopped playing small?

It’s time to Be the Shark.


Make the calls, network, follow-up, send proposals, update the CRM, and go to yet another weekly sales meeting to talk about how all your sales work is meeting your forecast.

WHO HAS TIME TO SELL when all you’re doing is getting ready to sell? If you don’t hunt, you don’t eat. And you’re feeling really hungry.

It’s time to attack your productivity like a predator.

In Dr. Stevie Dawn’s Powered-Up Prospecting you will gain control of the entire sales process from prospect to partnership using her SHARK Method. In this program you will discover how to:

  • Strategically identify this week’s best prospects for maximum impact in just a couple of hours
  • Identify the best way to build solid prospect relationships without 700 meetings
  • Turn every prospect into a client or referral partner
  • Stay top of mind without cheesy antics and wasting time.

With High-Performance Prospecting, you will feast


When distractions are obstructing your view of the goal, it’s time to get shark-like focus and take your productivity performance up a notch.

Instead of staying buried beneath the rubble of to-do lists and empty follow-ups, you will streamline, automate, and hand-off tasks so you can focus on the work that leads directly to sales.

In Dr. Stevie Dawn’s Powered-Up Productivity you will create a system that connects your efforts to your income. In this program you will discover how to:


  • Focus on the most important tasks so that you make more money with less time
  • Learn how to delegate the tasks that you don’t need to be doing
  • Create processes and systems that are easy and efficient
  • Learn to implement a continuous review system to keep you on track

Stop missing those important follow-up calls and start taking control of your sales. 


  • Becoming a Dynamic Speaker
  • High-Performance Teams
  • Being the Leader People Need
  •   Communication Compass
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Holding Effective Meetings
  • Enhancing Professional Agility