today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

My name is Dr. Stevie Dawn and I have been chasing JOY my whole life. From dancing on the Las Vegas strip, to owning a small business in Australia at the ripe, old age of 17, to joining the United States Marine Corps...

Never considering the risks, but rather pursuing               

When was the last time you did that?

Then somewhere in adulthood I got stuck. I was following a more traditional path and NOT loving it. I had to find a way back to that girl I was earlier. I had to embrace those               choices again.

Too often we ask ourselves, What is the worst thing that can happen? Instead of focusing on what amazing things may be at our fingertips. It is time to pass out a Prescription for Joy that we can all use. It is time to start making                  bold choices that lead to greatness.

Today, I travel the world as a keynote speaker and coach helping others to write their own prescription for joy at the workplace and beyond.





a little more about the       
behind the speaker...

faves (things that bring me joy)

top 5 daily delights

Diet Coke
the sound of ocean waves while on a cruise ship
cruises (of course)
all things Marvel
the smell of pumpkin pie
Hallmark movies

happy songs playlist
shark photos
dream list

joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life.

did you know?

I am a former marine.
I was named after Stevie Nicks.
I danced on the Las Vegas strip.
I can touch my nose with my tongue.
I ran a dance studio in Australia.
I love anything with a hobbit or a magician.