today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

It is time to uncover what holds us back from experiencing crazy, bold joy. It is time to do more than pursue happiness... it is time to make it a daily commitment.

Do you remember being a kid and thinking being an adult would be EPIC and filled with all kinds of adventures? 

Then, reality set in. You start adulting then wake up one day and realize..."this is not the life I had planned."

Now you're wondering is this all there is?

I have good news, friend. The answer to that question is NO!

You can have a life  filled with                 

You can have a job that you like, work with people you enjoy, and have excitement as often as you want. 

You truly can delight in every day.

But first, you have to identify your                 



are you ready to:

- dive deep into the mindset blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back? 

- create joy triggers and daily delights? 

- discover a new confidence in yourself and your abilities? 

- uncover new ways to improve your relationships?

- increase the joy in your life and, more importantly, believe that you deserve it?

sign. me. up.

I appreciate you creating an accountability process for us along with all the questions and activities to find our true joy and our own wonderful joy list. With this fantastic interesting and insightful intensive I know when I am collecting emotional stamps as well... Thank you Dr. Stevie Dawn! ALWAYS a joy to be in your presence. 

- Rachel M., Texas

My feedback is simple. I loved it, and I felt like a reset button was hit, and I was inspired to dream can be something small and comes from within...This intensive was a wonderful reminder that deep down inside, I do have joy and it's ok to use it! I truly appreciate that you shared your knowledge, and experiences with us. Thank you for your vulnerability.  

- Blanca

In all honesty, over the past year I have been feeling like I had lost a part of myself and needed to find what I lost. It has always been hard for me to put myself and my needs first. I feel that this workshop opened my eyes to certain areas in my life that truly make me happy and joyous... a few ideas that I took away from the Crazy, Bold, Joy workshop is that you should create joy that leaves a mark on you heart and on your mind.

- Todd, Texas

There was plenty of great material, but there was also adequate time to discuss and process the concepts. It wasn’t over-structured, which gave us lots of flexibility if we wanted to discuss any topics at length, but the groundwork was still laid toward getting us to make a specific plan for having more joy in our lives. I especially enjoyed when we analyzed which senses were our dominant ones, as well which were our dominant triggers to “yes”, and you provided individual feedback.

- Tanya D.B., Colorado

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