today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

today, I choose joy.

renowned keynote speaker

corporate trainer

dr. stevie dawn


speaking topics include:

High Performance Productivity
Becoming a Dynamic Speaker
High-Performance Teams
Being the Leader People Need
The Communication Compass
Developing your Personal User Manual
Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Holding Effective Meetings
Enhancing Professional Agility
Improving Team Cohesion
Leadership Without a Title

Meet the speaker...

master's in sociology
doctorate in leadership
over 20 years of teaching and training experience
owner of multiple small businesses
specializes in emotional intelligence strategies for the workplace
delivers training with humor and high energy, leaving all participants inspired

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Dr. Stevie Dawn Blakely is an Emotional Intelligence Expert that utilizes her knowledge and skillsets to revolutionize programs and inspire personal growth in people. I have had the pleasure of working with her to implement first line supervisor leadership training for the Fort Worth Police Department and her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. She helped to create a very specialized program based on the needs of our organization and has helped us improve other areas of training development as a result of this initial leadership series. I highly recommend her for your training/development needs and I look forward to working with her on future projects for the Fort Worth Police Department. The citizens of Fort Worth deserve to have professional and highly trained police officers serving them and the City of Fort Worth.

- Amy Ladd, MBA
Special Projects Lieutenant-Patrol Bureau,
Fort Worth Police Department

It's rare to meet someone who is both approachable, and highly knowledgeable about their field. I first met Stevie through her event “Become a Super Networker for Your Small Business.” She spoke dynamically, and I was rapt with attention. She made points about networking I hadn’t considered: from creating a system, to connecting people for business relationships as well as friendships. Most importantly, she kept us engaged throughout the presentation. After this positive experience, I asked Stevie for some two-on-one coaching with my colleague. She took us through “Training Techniques,” during which she simplified creating presentations with a formula. Stevie’s engaging presence, and patience made me instantly more confident about my presentation. If you haven't already worked with Stevie as your trainer, then what are you waiting for? 

- Tyler Grant, MSW
The Center for Transforming Lives

I had the fortunate opportunity to have Dr. Stevie Dawn as a speaker for my 2020 MY B.A.D. (brand, attitude & destiny) #unapologetic transformational conference. As the A-attitude speaker, not only did she "WOW!" us with her energy and presence, she also shared valuable strategies that helped us increase our emotional intelligence. I know without a doubt my conference was a success because of her contribution. I can wait to chase joy with you through 2020! 

- Yolanda Harper
Texas Health Resources

We were delighted to have Dr. Stevie Dawn Blakely at our recent Faculty and Staff retreat. Our faculty and staff are a diverse group of persons, including several who are Deaf. Dr. Blakely didn't miss a beat fitting right in, as she seamlessly worked with the dynamics of interpreters, and engaged all of our team throughout the presentation. Her energy and positivity create a fantastic atmosphere that truly sparked a fresh sense of joy for our work. As one team member said "...this truly felt like a re-TREAT". I highly recommend Dr. Blakely as a presenter.
- Sammie Sheppard
Tarrant County College

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